Activities With a Difference in Barcelona

Activities With a Difference in Barcelona

A visit to one of the many luxury Barcelona hotels is sure to include gazing in wonder at the Sagrada Familia, a stroll along Las Ramblas, and visits to many of the other wonderful places that are the iconic sights of the city. However, why not look for some of the quirky and unusual attractions to regale your friends with on your return home.

Dining Experiences

Tapas with a difference, is the best way to describe the delicious morsels served in Ferran Adria’s tapas restaurant, Ticket. Just a walk from many luxury Barcelona hotels, this innovative chef’s idea of tapas is worlds apart from the usual fare served in the city’s traditional bars. The tongue in cheek ‘air baguette’ is a take on the usual Spanish Iberian ham filled sandwich, and the ‘marinated olives’ aren’t really olives!

Another unusual dining experience will be found on a visit to Dans le Noir (In the Dark). On arrival you will be led conga-style by blind waiters to your table where you will eat in the pitch black. The idea behind it is that your taste buds are taken to another level as your sense of sight is removed. It’s an interesting experiment and waiters at the restaurant claim that many of us can’t tell the different between red, rosé or white wine when we can’t see it. If a drink is all you want and it’s sweltering outside, a visit to IceBarcelona should be a refreshing experience. The bar is kept at sub-zero temperatures and you can sip wonderful, cooling cocktails whilst admiring the ice sculptures. Don’t worry if you’re dressed for a hot day, as you will be provided with cosy attire to keep you warm while you’re there.

Historical Experiences

Visiting cemeteries won’t be of interest to everyone as part of their stay in luxury Barcelona hotels, but for those with an interest in history, and in particular the history of the Spanish Civil War, a visit to the Montjuïc cemetery may be on their itinerary. During the Civil War, 4,000 Catalan nationalists and Republicans were executed by Franco’s forces. Their final resting place is El Fossar de la Pedrera (the Grave of the Quarry), which lies in a hidden corner of the cemetery and is Montjuïc’s common grave. A new monument was erected in 2011, and at the entrance six stone pillars stand, engraved with the names of those buried here.

Many of those executed died in Montjuïc Castle, which is situated at the peak of the mountain. During the Civil War it was a place to be feared as many of those opposed to Franco were imprisoned there. Another interesting place to visit is at the foot of the mountain. The city suffered severe aerial bombardment in the civil war and 1,400 air-shelters were built to protect the civilian population. One of the largest of these was built into the side of Montjuïc Mountain; Shelter 307 could hold up to 2,000 people and was built by the local people with help from local architects. It is now open to the public and gives a disquieting insight into how it would have felt to be in the city during this time.

Whether you want to enjoy an unusual dining or drinking experience or delve into the history of this wonderful city, staying in one of the wonderful luxury Barcelona hotels will give you the opportunity to do so.