Americans Laboring More than Ever – It’s Time for a Fun Vacation at Nudist Resorts

Americans Laboring More than Ever – It’s Time for a Fun Vacation at Nudist Resorts

According to a recent survey by Expedia, the average American has 14 days of vacation per year. Comparing this to Englands 24 and Frances 39 days, it is no wonder so many people suffer from rode rage and take prozac. They have no time to sit back and chill out.

43{899b15f80a2d8718204d48354149b0a45e47eff631d37dac5896e2c8e1eedb93} of Americans will not take a vacation this summer according to a Gallup poll. This is the lowest percent in 28 years and disgraceful.

Many reasons have been given as to why Americans do not take more vacation time. Among them, people are too afraid to leave their jobs. Expedia’s poll said the typical employee will give back 4 vacation days unused to their employer this year. That is up from 3 days last year.

In a travel article in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, it touched on another reason why Americans don’t take more time off of work. They don’t want to! It seems hard to believe, but it makes sense. Many people don’t know how to have fun and vacation properly. Just like at work, they cram in too many things to do in too short a time period of time on trips. It is rush, rush, rush from one historic site to another. Some people even make spreadsheets allocating how much time they will spend on each activity, trying to maximize every last minute. They check off each completed activity as if it was another accomplishment on a resume. That’s not a vacation! It is worse then work. It is exhausting. No wonder why they dread vacations. Working to 8pm each night is more relaxing to them. It’s no wonder so many people have unused vacation days. They need to be taught how to relax. And nudist resorts are the perfect way.

The beauty of nudist resorts is everyone kicks backs and relaxes to the max. The nicest boutique nude resorts around like The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa in sunny Palm Spring, California hotel blog about nudism and the resort cater to couples so you don’t have noisy children running all around disturbing you. The hardest decisions you will have to make are when to schedule your massages and what times to eat your meals. Without kids, couples immediately go from mom and dad mode into a romantic husband and wife relationship again. You are reminded as to why you initially fell in love and still feel that way.

And some nudist resorts make it very easy for you to get away. Since almost 25{899b15f80a2d8718204d48354149b0a45e47eff631d37dac5896e2c8e1eedb93} of people check their work related e-mails while on vacation the best nude hotels have free wifi and all the other business services you would expect at a top notch business hotel. Once people realize they can still check in at the office if necessary, they relax even more on their vacations. And the most amazing thing is most people have so much fun, they forget about work and leave the laptops in their briefcases.

I see and hear about many first time guests at nudist resorts who arrive really stressed out. They decided it is either a vacation clothes free or time for a breakdown. It is an interesting phenomena, once you take your clothes off, the stress immediately melts away. That is why so many celebrities are nudists and stay at topless, nude beaches or resorts as they have some of the most demanding careers around. Until you have stayed at a nudist resort, you just can’t imagine how much fun and freedom you are missing out on.

According to The U.S. Department of Labor, Labor Day was created in 1882 to recognize “the social and economic achievements of American workers.” We truly are the most productive country in the world, but socially we lag far behind especially in enjoying vacations. This year, if you want your best, most fun, romantic vacation ever, give a nudist resort a call. You will be glad that you did.