Bahia Honda State Park and the National Key Deer Refuge – Feeding the Tarpon and Doc’s in Key Largo

Bahia Honda State Park and the National Key Deer Refuge – Feeding the Tarpon and Doc’s in Key Largo

Bahia Honda State Park

On our third day in the Florida Keys, we again headed out from Marathon over the Seven Mile Bridge to go to Bahia Honda State Park. As you are going south on the bridge and look out over to left, you’ll see the beautiful turquoise waters where the Bahia Honda Parks beaches are located. Once in the park, you have several different beaches to choose from. We went to Logger Head Beach, where you can rent a kayak for a small fee and it is located near the restrooms, concession stand and bath house. You can also book boat tours and set up snorkeling tours. On our second visit to the park, we kayaked off of Sandspur Beach over to the seven mile bridge. We saw a coral reef from the kayaks. It was amazing to look down at the reef and the living creatures that live there. Bahia Honda State Park also offers camp sites for those who love to experience nature first hand. And for fishermen, it is one of the top Tarpon fishing areas in the state.

National Key Deer Refuge and No Name Key

If you are in search of a little adventure, go off the beaten path into one of the smaller Keys. Just south of the 7 mile bridge is No Name Key which is in the heart of National Key Deer Refuge. The miniature deer can be spotted along the roads. Speed limits are strictly enforced on these roads to prevent the endangered deer from being hit.
This is also a great area for kayaking. You can find some nice private areas where you can view the wildlife. One other interesting site is off the beaten path, located in nearby Sugarloaf Key. It is a giant man-made wooden bat tower that was built in 1929. It was made to try to lure mosquito eating bats to combat the mosquito issues in the Lower Keys. Unfortunately, the bats never came, but the interesting structure still stands today. We also decided to make another stop at a place called Blue Hole. It is located in Big Pine Key just off of Route 1. It’s a small state park that surrounds a large water-filled sink hole where there are alligators. There is a lot beautiful scenery and you can see some large birds such as blue herons and egrets.

Feeding The Tarpon at Robbie’s Marina in Islamoralda

My family and I decided to visit nearby Robbie’s Marina to feed the tarpon. Robbie’s is a funky marina, restaurant, and flea market in Islamorada. The kids had fun trying to feed the tarpon. We enjoyed holding the bait up high and watching these giant fish leap out of the water. The little guys and I were content to drop some bait in the water and watch the frenzy ensue.

Doc’s Restaurant in Key largo

Right on Route 1 in Key largo is a great restaurant called Doc’s. It’s a nicely decorated restaurant with a beautiful mural on the wall that goes phases from from Italy to New York to the Florida Keys. We stopped in and had a great breakfast. They give huge portions and everything was made fresh. I ordered a mexican style breakfast which was off the charts for taste. I’d definitely recommend you try it if your in the area.