Discover the Interesting Festivals and Events of Bangladesh

Discover the Interesting Festivals and Events of Bangladesh

Festivals and celebrations have always played a major role in the life of the Bangladeshi. These festivals are parts and correspondence of Bengali culture and tradition. There are some festivals that are the same with the other countries, and there are also some which are unusual to others.

Here are the lists of interesting festivals celebrated in Bangladesh:

o Pahela Baishakh – is the Bengali New Year advent. It is a merrily celebration being practiced throughout the country. The Pahela Baishakh which is in mid-April is a public holiday. The celebration is mostly held at the Ramna Park, which is turned into a colorful and lively place each time the Pahela Baishkah is being celebrated.

o Bangladeshi Independence Day – celebrated every 26th day of March, which is the biggest state festival celebrated in the country. During the Bangladeshi Independence Day, the country’s capital is in its most festive look. Bangladeshis wake up in the early hours of the morning firing guns and thriving fire crackers to commemorate the day.

o The day is a very important day for the Bangladesh people. The country conducts a mourning procedure which begins in Dhaka at midnight singing the song “Amar vaier raktay rangano ekushay February” (21st February, the day stained with my brothers’ blood). Bangladeshis pay respect to the martyrs by placing flora wreaths at the Shahid Minar.

o Eid-e-Miladunnabi – this celebration commemorates the birth and death of Eid-e-Miladunnabi who was born and died on the same day which is the 12th Rabiul Awal in the Lunar Month. The Eid-e-Miladunnabi is national holiday, where in Bangladeshis display their national flags on top of every houses and establishments. Special foods are also being served in orphanages, hospitals and jails during the Eid-e-Miladunnabi celebration.

o Eid-ul-Azha – a Bangladeshi public holiday considered as the second largest festival of the Muslims. It is held honoring the “Hajj” in Mecca on the 10th Zilhaj of the lunar month. Worship ceremonies are held throughout the country during this day. Flora and fauna are offered in the honor of Hazrat Ibrahim’s vigilance for the supreme sacrifice of his beloved son to Allah.

o Christmas – also being held in Bangladesh, popularly known as “Bara Din”, meaning Big Day. It is celebrated with spectacle in Dhaka and in other parts the country. This is a several day-long hefty gatherings which are held at St. Mary’s Cathedral at Ramna, the Portuguese Church at Tejgaon, the Church of Bangladesh (Protestant) on Johnson Road, and Bangladesh Baptist Sangha at Sadarghat Dhaka. Churches are illuminated using decorative Christmas trees.

These are just few of the celebrated holidays and festivals in Bangladesh. There are few others more, which will surely be enjoyed by every visitors and travelers visiting Bangladesh.