Exploring Lovely Soufriere St Lucia

Exploring Lovely Soufriere St Lucia

Founded by the French in the mid-18th century, Soufriere was the former colonial capital of the island nation of St. Lucia. Today, the town still proudly stands and is the oldest of all communities in St. Lucia.

A number of tourists visiting, Soufriere are passengers of cruise ships that usually dock at Soufriere Bat. As a result, the wharf is the most bustling commercial area in town. This is the place to go if you want to dine, drink and soak in a more festive atmosphere. The rest of Soufriere adopted a more laidback and sleepy vibe like other coastal towns.

By walking around Soufriere, you will immediately notice its French colonial influences especially in its architecture. Many houses have signature verandahs on the second floor. At the market square, you will see charming wooden buildings that reflect the town’s history. Take a peek inside the market building and you will be impressed by its colorful attractive murals.

One major reason people make their way to Soufriere is because of its surrounding natural landmarks like hills, gardens and waterfalls. Thus, the town has become very popular jumping point for a number of sightseeing trips. One particularly outstanding attraction is Sulfur Springs, which is renowned for its accessibility. Visitors can drive all the way to an old volcano crater area and marvel at the hot springs that releases sulfur gas, and resemble the surface of the moon.

While in Soufriere, consider arranging excursions to other notable attractions like the beautiful Diamond Botanical Gardens and the Morne Cabouril Estate. This estate has the town’s only working sugar plantation, which was originally established in the 19th century. Fortunately, the estate management offers its guests walking tours around the plantation, the sugar mill and the mansion.

Of course it is not a visit to a Caribbean town without spending some time on a gorgeous beach. In the Soufriere region, Anse Chastanet is one of the more popular sandy stretches to visit. The beach is situated at the northern outskirts of the town, along a hilly coastal road. You can easily reach it by foot as it is only about one mile from town.

Anse Chastanet is best described as a very curvy beach area, which exudes a serene atmosphere. It is always open to the public, but visitors who would like to stay close to it can opt to book a room at the hotel on the beach. Anse Mamin is another lovely sandy beach just to the South of Soufriere, along the Vieux Fort Road. Aside from its nice light-sand hue, this beach also offers snorkeling opportunities. From Mamin, you can actually walk to the Sugar Beach, known for its imported sand.

Soufriere is also a favorite gateway to the Pitons – St. Lucia’s iconic landmarks that nature lovers and adventurers will quickly fall in love with. These mountainous geological formations will simply astound you. Fortunately, some of them can be climbed; so if you’re interested, arrange a guided trip to the Pitons with a local outfitter in town. On one of the trailheads of the Pitons, you will encounter the wonderful Pitons waterfall, considered quite unique as volcanic waters flow from it.