Find The Right Rental Car For Your Stay in NZ

Find The Right Rental Car For Your Stay in NZ

With the flexibility, mobility and freedom that they offer, car rentals have become one of the most popular ways for tourists to get around the country. Avoiding expensive airline ticket, taxi fares and frustrating public transport systems, many organise a car hire in Auckland Airport to be waiting for them as soon as they step off the plane. With its huge urban sprawl, surrounding cities including Hamilton and Whangarei and towns such as Waiuku and Papakura plus all the landscape in between, getting around by car certainly lets you get more done during your stay in the region.

From the city centre to long stretches of motorway and the mountains that house ski fields and beautiful views, including Whakapapa Ski Village in the North Island, New Zealand has a range of different roads of varying quality that can be a bit taxing on some smaller cars. It’s important that you have an idea of what you want to do during your stay in this beautiful country and how much storage space you’ll need on your travels. Think carefully about what will suit you and check of some of these features when you book a car hire.

Storage Space

Don’t underestimate how long you’re going to spend in the car and how much you have to bring with you. Although New Zealand is not a big country, it can often take hours to drive between destinations. A drive from Auckland to the nation’s capital, Wellington, takes roughly 9 hours by road. Sedans and budget cars that are offered might have enough seats for five, but, with the smaller boot space and almost no leg room, if you’re planning on a lot of travel or you’re carrying a bit of luggage around with you a station wagon might be the better option. Most car rental companies even offer luggage trailers that you can keep everything in for a small additional cost.

Engine Power

Cruising around Queen Street and Hobson Street in Auckland isn’t going to require a powerful 4WD, but if you’re looking at heading up to Mount Ruapehu during your stay, or travelling a distance around the North Island, having the piece of mind and extra safety that comes from a station wagon or full sized sedan is priceless. You don’t want to be stuck halfway up the mountain with a car that just doesn’t have the engine for it and you don’t want to take risks in some of the harsher weather that’s found in the country during the winter months of June-August.

Number of People

When you’re planning on doing a lot of driving, not having enough extra leg room can quickly get on everybody’s nerves. For families travelling together, people movers and minibuses with excess storage space and plenty of seats are just the ticket. Keep everyone happy in the back with the extra room so you can stay happy up the front.

Choose a car that suits the nature of your trip and make the right choice when considering your travelling needs. Ensure an easier vacation with the mobility that a rental car offers and make the most of your holiday by letting yourself see more of the North Island during your stay.