Fujikura Speeder – Learn How the Speeder Shaft Can Increase Your Drive

Fujikura Speeder – Learn How the Speeder Shaft Can Increase Your Drive

Fujikura Speeder shaft has been one of the most successful shafts on the PGA Tour to date. Fujikura has taken this success to the recreational player offering a number of models sure to fit your game and swing. Let’s take a look at why the Speeder shaft is so immensely popular and how it might help you increase the distance in your drive.

Fujikura’s proprietary Triax technology is at the heart of the Speeder Series shafts. Triax is a carbon fiber woven in honeycomb structure giving the shaft extraordinary capabilities. The end result is a shaft better able to withstand the forces of twisting experienced during the swing. This provides much more consistency, better vibration dampening and an incredible enhancement of energy transfer at impact. The Triax technology is what made the Speeder series such a highly touted shaft over recent years.

What makes the Speeder series so successful with the recreational player is the diversity Fujikura has offered. The Speeder Series is now available in five different models identified by desired weight, spin, launch and bend points. These models include the Fujikura Speeder 569, 586, 652, 686, and 757 models.

Fujikura 569 and 586 Speeder shafts are the lightest of the Speeder series, ranging from 56 to 61 grams. Designed for the better than average player looking for higher spin, higher launch and a low to mid bend point.

Fujikura 652 and 686 Speeder shafts are slightly heavier than the 569 and 586 shafts coming in at 65 to 70 grams. Designed for the better player and slightly faster swing speeds seeking mid spin, mid launch and a mid bend point.

Fujikura 757 Speeder shaft is the flagship of the Speeder series. This shaft is what made the Speeder what it is today, a highly popular shaft designed primarily for the better player. The 757 is the heaviest Speeder coming in at 77 to 82 grams. Designed for the accomplished player seeking a low, penetrating ball flight with low spin and low to mid launch with a mid to high bend point. The 757 Speeder is truly a shaft for the most discernible golfer.

The Fujikura Speeder has a very large following and is responsible for much of the success Fujikura has experienced over the years. The Triax technology has pushed this shaft to a level of success experienced by few shaft makers. The wider range of Speeder shafts now makes it accessible for more golfers to experience the great Speeder shaft. If you plan on upgrading shafts in the near future, put the Speeder shaft on your short list.