Great Lakes – A Great Place on Earth to Visit

Great Lakes – A Great Place on Earth to Visit

The Great Lakes of North America exhibits the largest area occupied by the freshwater body in the world. The entire area around the lakes is full of unique and exotic natural scenic beauty that mesmerizes the visitors. The area of the lake includes the states such as Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Great Lakes is actually a group of lakes comprising Superior, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Huron. These lakes altogether forms a natural boundary between Canada and United States of America. It covers around 245,660 square kilometers of area. The shoreline of the lakes measures well over ten thousand miles. It is also an important route of transportation for trade of iron ore, steel, grain and many other things.

There are many other minor rivers that contribute to Great Lakes such as Niagra River, St. Lawrence River, Detroit River and St. Marys River. It is estimated that around thirty five thousand islands are located along the Great Lakes. It is speculated that the basin of the lakes was started to form around two billion years. These lakes are connected by a straits, short rivers and canal.

Etienne Brule was the first European to see any of the Great Lakes in the year 1612. Etienne Brule was a French trader and he saw Lake Huron for the very first time. In 1614, again Samuel de Champlain with Brule explored the area and found Lake Ontario. The area of the region is rich in furs and was the reason for competition between Americans, English and French. Their struggle stopped with the end of the war in 1812 and the area started concentrating on rapid settlement.

Great Lakes have become most sought after tourist destination of United States of America. Entire area of the Great Lakes is blessed with exotic views, lush green forests and fertile agricultural lands with rich mineral resources. It also exhibits a great variety of fauna and flora.

One can also find some magnificent sand dunes, rocky shorelines, grasslands, green forests along with great landscapes. The sand dune of Lake Michigan is the world,s largest freshwater sand dune. One can also find some caves and giant rookeries around the Wisconsin lake.

Shipwreck Museum is one of the most fascinating and exciting attractions around the Great Lakes. This magnificent museum is located in the area of the oldest lighthouse on Lake Superior at Whitefish Point, Michigan. This museum exhibits a great range of shipwreck marvels. One can imagine about the stories of ships and sailors by taking into an account of artifacts and exhibits.

Whatever may be the field of your interest, Great Lakes has everything that amuses you. This is one of the most ideal places on earth for the people looking for some adventure in form of canoeing, mountain biking, fishing, sailing, skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and many more things that make your trip a memorable one.

Great Lakes is a great place to visit as it offers an exciting and mind boggling attractions and are very well complimented with the natural beauty exotic landscapes.