Holiday Inn Barry’s Tickets – I Recommend Getting Your Los Angeles Tickets From the Down Town Office

Holiday Inn Barry’s Tickets – I Recommend Getting Your Los Angeles Tickets From the Down Town Office

One of my least favorite thing about ordering tickets to something online or anywhere is the nervousness I feel that my tickets won’t ship on time, or I won’t be there to sign for them, or I’ll have to drive really far out of my way to grab them. Even though I am a regular Dodgers attendee and Lakers enthusiast, there is still rarely a time when I have my tickets shipped that I get anxious.

I’ve tried every agency there is when Ticketmaster is sold out; Prestige, Gold Coast, VividSeats, ABCTickets- you name it and I’ve bought fromt them. Of all the ticket agencies I’ve ever tried, Barry’s is my favorite. Their office down town from the Staples Center is the best place to buy when your in a pinch. The convenience of the location is first rate and they will send a driver over there if you order the same day. Now don’t get me wrong- VIP Tickets is right down the street. But they don’t messenger and also, its another two blocks up from the STAPLES Center. When you’re in a rush their sub-par ticket delivery system and extra walk can make or break your game or concert. The Holiday Inn office for Barry’s is right on the way to Dodgers Stadium if you’re going to Dodgers game, and isn’t far from the central Hollywood venues like Hollywood Bowl and Nokia Theatre.

I may be what some call a bit overzealous in my standards, but it comes from experience. As someone who has been to over a hundred live concerts and countless Lakers, Trojans, Clippers, Kings, Bruins, and Galaxy games, I am well aware of the things that can go wrong. Aside from the convenience of multiple offices, they are great for other reasons too. I always find the tickets I am looking for with Barry’s Tickets Holiday Inn. There have been several times where they make good on their promise to give you tickets that are as good or better than what I ordered if my tickets are out of stock. It’s a cool feeling when you get upgraded unexpectedly.

The other cool thing about this agency are the perks of being a member. I subscribe to their weekly newsletter and they send out discount codes or will let you in on deals like free shipping on certain holidays, sometimes a parking pass here and there and a number of other things that makes me feel appreciated as a loyal customer. I’ve noticed too that people who don’t understand the ticket industry will start ranting online about some other ticket agency who sold them tickets for a certain price only to have them arrive and the face value was lower. But this is what’s so great about Barry’s Tickets- when Miley Cyrus tickets sell out online in seconds during the Ticketmaster onsale, it’s almost a promise Barry’s Tickets will have some left. The extra money you may sometimes pay above face value is so you aren’t competing with millions of other customers online when the initial onsale begins. Barry’s Tickets Holiday Inn inventory is ot only really selective as far as what they choose to carry, but they are almost never out of stock unless its minutes before a game or show.

So as someone whose live in LA all my life and whose been everywhere in the city and tried everything there is to do, before you try any other company I would suggest trying Barry’s Tickets first.