How State Positioning Provides Impetus To Tourism

How State Positioning Provides Impetus To Tourism

‘Incredible India’ is home to some of the most amazing examples of branding and advocacy that has changed the face of tourism in the country. Did you know that almost every state has some kind of tourism tagline? Not each is as successful as the following of course, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Kerala – God’s Own Country

One of best campaigns to propagate a destination’s tourism, Kerala was dubbed ‘God’s Own Country’. Playing on the natural beauty of the backwaters, hill stations and beaches of the state, the campaign painted a picture of tropical paradise. It worked like a charm, attracting people from all over the world and country. It helped that Kerala was already quite a tourist hotspot, but the branding campaign truly put it on the world tourist map. Positioning the state as god’s own abode stressed on an escape into the bounty of nature itself. This is something that people living in cramped, urban spaces in the country or those abroad striving in grey, bleak weather would love to experience.

Madhya Pradesh – The Heart of Incredible India

Madhya Pradesh, quite literally named the ‘state in the middle’ has used its geographical position to boost its tourism, branding itself as the ‘heart of India’. The public advocacy campaign to provide an impetus to MP tourism has been quite well-received. From exquisitely produced commercials and videos to catchy tunes, the often over-looked state has created a niche for itself in the minds of Indian tourists. By playing on its established strengths such as the Bhandavgarh and Kanha National Parks and the famous Khajuraho Temple, it has fostered the desire to truly explore the treasures of the state.

Gujarat – Khushbu Gujarat Ki/ Breathe in a Bit of Gujarat

Gujarat tourism has been going on in full swing since the past few years, even roping in the celebrity of Amitabh Bachchan to sell all its wonderful travel attributes. From the ruins of Lothal to the Gir National Park, the campaign employed a variety of mediums including print, outdoor and radio. The idea behind the campaign is to entice tourists to visit the various fascinating places in the state. Taken up on such a large scale, it even sparked a study by IIM-A, the leading business school in the country. The idea is to create a sense of wanderlust and wonder about Gujarat, to take in the many sights and experiences the place has to offer, to breathe in a bit of its scent, as the tagline aptly puts it. Negating the fire of communalism, it has elevated the state to its former glory, painting a picture of natural, cultural and historic wealth.

As you can see, through public advocacy and strategic re-branding, these states have truly transformed tourists’ perceptions. Creating a positive image and increasing awareness about attractions has had an enormous impact on tourism, and by extension the revenue it generates.