How to Buy Concert Tickets Online

How to Buy Concert Tickets Online

Some concerts are so popular that they sell out within a few hours or minutes of going on sale, even when the concert is at a really large venue, and a lot of fans sometimes feel frustrated at the difficulty involved in getting to see their favorite bands play live. However, with a bit of effort, you can stand a good chance of getting the tickets you want by looking for them online. On the web you can find tickets for shows that have supposedly sold out, and you can even pick up a few bargains as well.

The important thing about finding concert tickets online is to find the right websites. Ticketmaster is a good place to start, because it covers all shows and arenas, and is a primary ticket distribution service. Ticketmaster offers seats at their original ticket value as long as the show has not sold out. To use Ticketmaster successfully it is best to plan ahead, and you can do this by making use of their search engine which will tell you when exactly tickets go on sale. By knowing this, you can get online when the sale is due, and keep refreshing the page until you catch it at the very start. This way you may well catch the tickets just as they become available.

Another handy way of getting hold of tickets is to join the fan club of your favorite band or artist, which usually just involves a simple online registration. The fan clubs usually allow members to purchase concert tickets before they go on sale to the general public, so it is quite likely that you can pick up your tickets this way. Not only that, but the fan clubs usually send out promotional emails of the band’s activities, which will keep you up-to-date with when their tours actually are.

However, the real problem comes when the concert you so badly want to go to has sold out. In this case you have to look at the secondary ticket markets. Two good possibilities are eBay and StubHub. With both of these sites you can actually bid on the tickets that you want, so you only need bid what you can afford. With auction sites though you do have to keep monitoring the situation to make sure that you don’t get outbid. Many of the tickets are also sold with a “Buy it Now” option that you could use to make absolutely sure of getting your ticket.

Sometimes tickets are advertised on sites such as Craigslist, but unfortunately with this there is no real comeback if the tickets turn out to be counterfeit, or if you send your money off but they never arrive. So the reputable sites are probably the best to use.

So, there are a number of different options available for concert goers to get hold of tickets online, and the more practised you become at buying tickets online, the more you will develop a skill for it, and an eye for a good bargain.