How to Choose a Dream Rental Villa

How to Choose a Dream Rental Villa

There has been an unprecedented increase in Puerto Vallarta Rental Villas Vacation over the last decade. And with a good reason also. Holiday rental Villas provide the most luxurious vacation options with the best views, world class services & amenities and complete privacy. No hotel or condo hotel can offer these kind of features when compared to a Villa.

Vacation Villas are great for hosting Family reunions, Weddings, Summer vacations and much more. There are number of options when it comes to Puerto Vallarta Villa Rental and Vacation Villas in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is not only a perfect tourist town with beautiful beaches and views but also is the home to some of the Mexico’s best and most luxurious Villas. Any visitor while choosing for Villa for vacation will be spoiled for choice. Though majority of the villas will have great locations and very luxurious with all modern amenities, few guidelines are must before deciding on your dream vacation rental villa home.

1) Location/Connectivity : The Villa should be well connected with the nearest City or town. Major attractions should be close by and preferably within walking distances. Last thing you would want is to have a Villa far from a town like Puerto Vallarta which is packed with attractions ranging from art, culture, shopping to adventure sports. You don’t want to spend most of the time traveling in car when you could be soaking sun on the beach or having a romantic dinner in a restaurant.

2) Surrounding Locality: Always double check how the immediate surroundings of a villa are. Don’t always go by the photos available on website. Try do some research work of your own. Do the claims on website or their brochure match the actual Villa locality. If privacy is your priority make sure to ask about it.

3) Villa Quality: Many times rental villas differ a lot from their photos. The photos taken ages ago may not reflect the Villa’s present state and decor. Double Check this the villa owner or agent. After all it’s matter of your dream vacation or wedding. Don’t take chances.

4) Amenities: Always confirm the amenities with owner/agent. Don’t always go by the details on the website. Website listings maybe incorrect or not updated.

5) Rates/Services : Guests are advised to check what all services are included. Are Maid , Chef, waiter included and if included for what days and time duration. How many meals will Chef prepare. Also check the policies regarding food, beverages and gratuities. Does your Villa owner provide or can arrange concierge, chauffeur services.

6) Cancellation/Rental Policies: Always read rental/Cancellation policies.

Research on web to find about their track record. DO they have a track record of unsatisfied guests. Disgruntled guest may have posted about their villa experiences on travel websites and elsewhere. Find if they are in habit of shortchanging their guests. Are the waiters, maid and chef value for money? Are they polite, hardworking and attend to your requirements. Have they fulfilled all their obligations. You may have chosen food, beverages for your vacations. Have they been able to provide that.