How to Get Concert Tickets Before They Sell Out

How to Get Concert Tickets Before They Sell Out

The economy might be suffering but the ticket industry is doing pretty darn good, proof is the sold out cities and venues of Justin Bieber, One Direction and the Who Tickets. Fans have patiently waited for tickets to be released only to find tickets sold out within minutes, so how does a super-fan get tickets to sold out shows? We have three easy ways to be sure you have tickets to see your favorite artist live.

First, plan ahead and do your research! Many artist websites, news and ticket sites will give you a ‘tour watch’ and list artists who have been rumored to be heading out on tour, sign up with the artists home page for updates or alerts. And be sure to browse through news and keep yourself up to date on who is heading out on tour, the earlier you know the better.

Second, get yourself familiar with a ticket site who offers a easy to navigate site and allows you to see where you will be sitting, like Ticket Website HQ. This ensure that if you only a have a few minutes to purchase tickets you know exactly where you want to sit and how to navigate the site.

Third, get yourself onto a presale list. Whether it be a fan club, or American Express presale list, there are ways artists offer tickets to fans prior to them hitting the regular market. This ensure those that sign up early and are part of these clubs receive tickets first.

And four, be prepared to pay for your seats! If you are waiting for Justin Bieber tickets to come down in prices, well then you can just kiss the show goodbye! As you get closer to the event the prices will more than likely increase due to demand. So don’t wait, purchase your tickets now when they go on sale and don’t worry about running around days before the show playing a ridiculous amount for tickets.

Is there such thing really as a ‘sold out show in minutes’? Well yes and no. Fans that are signed up for presales are offered tickets first, artists put hold on tickets for management, media, opening acts, etc. That sometimes tends to take up a large portion of tickets when you are looking at smaller venues. Tickets do go quickly for popular artists, they may be sold out on the ticket site but you can find them floating around in the classifieds. That takes us to the next point, NEVER purchase tickets from scalpers. There is no guarantee for those tickets to be legitimate, so don’t waste your time and money. If you want to see the show, put the time and effort in to purchasing legit tickets from a guaranteed ticket site.

No one wants to miss the opportunity to see their favorite artist or band rocking out to thousands, putting on the performance of the year. With the right tools and a website like Ticket Website HQ, you can be sure you are prepared to purchase your tickets before they sell out… and you will be one of those screaming fans.