How to Get Your Hands on Wicked Tickets

How to Get Your Hands on Wicked Tickets

Wicked is perhaps the most enchanting musical and it has proven to be one of the most popular musicals for the entire duration of its lifetime. Wicked has sold out tickets and captivated audiences worldwide for four consecutive years. Wicked currently holds the record for maintaining the largest sum of weekly gross takings in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, and London. Astoundingly, London’s West End grossed £100,000 within its initial hour. Moreover, Broadway’s yearly box office earnings were 900 million dollars for 2008. Most theater attendees get tickets for Wicked through Ticketmaster. You can go to their website, or call them. However, often times in this process, theater-goers find that the performances they are trying to attend are sold out.

If this is the case your next course of action can be to find tickets through the independent theater box offices. You can check the theater’s websites or call them directly. Some of these theaters are Whitney Hall (KY) (502) 584-7777, Fox Cities Performing Arts Center (WI) (920) 730-3782, Keller Auditorium (OR) (503)274-6551, Barbara B. Mann Hall (FL) (239) 481-4849, BJCC Concert Hall (AL)(205) 458-8400, Capitol Theatre (UT)(801) 323-6800, and more. There are also two New York theaters where Wicked the Musical will be running through 2010, Gershwin Theatre (212) 840-3890 and 37 Arts Theatre – Theatre A (212) 560-8912 from 10/03/09 to 12/15/10.

After finding out the theater box offices are also sold out, many people turn to searching for tickets through internet search engines like Google. In fact, in December 2008, the phrase “wicked tickets” was searched 165,000 times. Because of this fact, many ticket brokers go so far as to hire SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies to help them appear on the first or second page of Google for the search term “wicked tickets.”

An alternative to searching though search engines is to go directly to a secondary market ticket broker or an associated website. A secondary market ticket broker is someone who has purchased tickets and then resells them. One such company that specializes in Wicked tickets is If tickets are available at all, will have them listed. While most people are under the assumption that Wicked the Musical tickets have been sold out, you can usually purchase these sold out tickets from a secondary market ticket broker.

Although getting tickets for Wicked the Musical can sometimes be a difficult process, it is certainly not impossible if you know where to look. Hopefully you are able to find tickets from one of the above sources. Wicked is sure to stay in theaters from now until 2010 and hopefully beyond.