How to Make Money Buying and Selling Tickets – Part I – Buying Tickets

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Tickets – Part I – Buying Tickets

Part I – Buying Tickets

I want to start off by saying BEFORE you buy any tickets to any show or event, that you RESEARCH them first. Check out closed and current eBay auctions. See how many listings there were, where they ended at, and their locations. If it’s your first time, I suggest you buy tickets for something you are familiar with. A particular band, sports team etc. Then set a BUDGET for yourself. It is easy to get over excited and buy too many tickets, to too many shows. If you can’t unload them, you are out the cash. It is also easy to buy crap. I see far and away too many sellers who are asking large sums of money for nosebleed seats to shows that aren’t even SOLD OUT. Don’t get caught in that trap. Believe it or not, if I can’t get something in the first 15 rows, I usually don’t buy them (my rule of thumb on reserved seat concerts).

Okay, so you’ve researched that show and found that you could make some good money on them. How do you get the tickets?? I am going to give you some sources here, but I am not going to say that they don’t all work every time. I use different techniques every time. I am not going to tell you how to get FRONT ROW seats either. That’s not the intention of this guide, nor does it even happen that often.

  1. Ticketmaster. Believe it or not this is the usual source for my purchases. I have not had that much luck online (with the exception of presales), so here’s my secret. If you live in a fairly large town, or have one nearby, there is a pretty good chance they have a Ticketmaster outlet. After I research shows I want to buy I visit the outlet on onsale days. I live in New York. I almost NEVER buy tickets for a show in New York. Why? TOO MANY PEOPLE IN LINE! I buy tickets for shows in Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City, St Louis, Minneapolis, Indianapolis an others. Except for die-hard fans, there are usually NO-ONE IN LINE!! That’s right. I am FIRST in line. I usually end up with tickets in the first 10 ROWS! Now think back to your research. How much did tickets sell for that were in the first ten rows…CHA-CHING! Get to be friendly with the clerk, they will remember you.
  2. Presales. This is another technique that has helped me to receive good tickets. There are a couple types of presales. There is the public presale, or no password needed. There is the venue or radio presale, and then there is the fan club, AOL or American Express presale. In most cases you need a password to get into the sale. Look ahead online and see if your event is offering a presale and what kind it is. I have got FRONT ROW seats before with presales. There are a lot of website that want you to PAY for passwords, but you can get them all here for FREE.
  3. Season Tickets. This is another way to get tickets, although a little more pricey. I am not a big time ticket broker, so I don’t have a ton of money to throw out in the spring and sit on until Aug/Sept. I try to get decent seats for a team that always sells out. If there is at least one Monday Night game in the package, you can usually make decent money. I try to buy for my favorite team, or one close by. Worse case scenario..I go to some games.
  4. College Bowl Games. Here is a GREAT way to make some awesome Christmas income. It is a little known fact that many college bowl game tickets go onsale in the summer and early fall. Try sticking to the big games that will be played Dec 30-Jan 8. The Rose and the Fiesta Bowl are the 2 hardest to get. The Fiesta Bowl has a waiting list you can sign up for at their site. The Rose Bowl is a public onsale in December, usually only online and phones. The Orange and the Sugar both go onsale between July and September. Go to Ticketmaster and search for “Bowl games”. (If nothing shows up, keep checking back periodically) Now the best part. For most of these bowl games, once you get tickets, you get to renew them every year (exception The Rose Bowl) and you can usually upgrade your location or add more seats. If you have bought Orange, Sugar, or Fiesta in the past….you will get the offer to buy BCS Final tickets with the regular bowl game. Even nosebleed seats for the Championship Game turns a profit.
  5. NCAA Basketball Final Four/Regional. Most people don’t realize that there is a lottery system for Final Four tickets. Every March the NCAA has an online application for available tickets for the next years Final Four. Registration is usually until the end of May. The only rub is that you have to pay in advance!! This years’ application (for 2008) is $170 per ticket for upper level or $140 for distant view (next year is at the Alamo Bowl Dome) You can only fill out one application, but you can submit it up to ten times to increase your odds of being picked. (BUT, you have to PAY each time). If your application is not drawn your money will be refunded. Check out their website for all the details. Tickets are also available to the Regional Games every year also, usually through Ticketmaster.
  6. Superbowl. The Super Bowl is available to the public every year. How you ask? Through a lottery system. Less than 10{899b15f80a2d8718204d48354149b0a45e47eff631d37dac5896e2c8e1eedb93} of the patrons at the Superbowl are public seats. You can be considered for the lottery by sending in an entry (on a 3x 5 card or piece of paper). Entries are accepted between Feb. 1 and June 1 of the year preceding the game and must include your name, address, phone number and email address, and must be sent certified or registered mail. You will be notified by October/November if you are eligible to purchase tickets. Requests should be sent to: Super Bowl Random Drawing PO BOX 49140 Strongsville, OH 44149-0140

I hope some of these methods will work for you. Remember, this is what has worked for ME. I think the most important rule is to stick to your budget. Don’t spend a couple thousand dollars on tickets if your mortgage is due. It’s like the stock market. Every purchase can be a potential risk.