Is a Basset Hound the Best Pet for Your Family? – The Pros and Cons

Is a Basset Hound the Best Pet for Your Family? – The Pros and Cons

Find Out Why a Basset Hound Will or Won’t Make a Good Pet

Basset Hounds are a favorite breed because they are so good-natured, laid-back, even-tempered and calm. Even with all these great attributes there are a number of things that aren’t so great. No matter how many bad things people bring up, a Basset Hound owner will be able to overlook them and say their pets are the best in the world. Below you will find the good points along with the bad ones so that you can make up your own mind whether a pet Basset Hound will be right for your family.


Bassets are independent problem-solvers and are quite clever, likely due to their hunting genes. They love the outdoors and are perfect for a family that enjoys hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

They are a social, good-natured breed not only with people, but also with other dogs and cats. Your pet Basset Hound will enjoy being physically close to their humans and with proper training they are good with children.

Their coats are easy to maintain even with all their shedding. Brushing every day will be keep the shedding to a minimum and will be something they look forward to. Generally, Basset Hounds are a healthy breed.

Having fun appears to be their favorite pastime as they happily go through life.


Bassets cannot swim because of their heavy torsos and short legs. They are short, but, because of their long bodies, they can reach things on tables. Their long ears can lead to ear ailments, while eye disorders are possible because the folds under their eyes can accumulate dirt and cause infections.

A pet Basset Hound likes to just lie around so you must exercise them regularly in order to maintain a healthy weight. This breed has a tendency to drool, which is messy, and can cause yeast infections around the mouth if not kept clean.

Since they are trackers, finding a scent and following it is what they do best, which means it may be a challenge to control them because they are so strong. When walking you pet Basset Hound you must keep it on a leash. If they find a scent they like they will take off and not hear a single command to come back. Shedding is an on-going situation with Basset Hounds but can be controlled with regular brushing. Their doggy odor is a turnoff to some people.

House training can be a real challenge, especially as puppies, but it must be done. Crate training is the best way to do this as it gives them a safe place to be while you are away. Overall training will need to be done with much love and patience as your pet Basset Hound can be stubborn and independent. Don’t discipline them as they will get their feelings hurt and then sulk. Many times the best way to train them is with food.

You shouldn’t leave your pet Basset Hound outside by itself as they have a tendency to bay or howl when lonely. The neighbors won’t appreciate this and many won’t tolerate it. Bassets can be dumpster divers. Keep your trash covered at all times.

If a fast walk with your dog is important to you, a pet Basset Hound may not be the proper choice. Their short legs and tracking instincts can make a walk with them a slow activity. Because they are long and low, they can have back problems and may need help getting into a high space (an automobile, for example).

While Basset Hounds are a healthy breed overall, one major problem they can have is Thrombopathia (a bleeding disorder). Normally buying your pet through a reputable breeder will minimize this problem along with any others.

Even with this long list of faults the typical Basset Hound owner will tell you the good traits far outweigh the bad ones as far as they are concerned. The first time you look into their eyes is probably when you decide this might be the ideal pet for you. Before you decide one way or the other visit a local breeder and some owners. You will likely come away with a new found love of these unique pets. If you are an active family with the will power and good humor needed to train them, then a pet Basset Hound just might be what you are looking for.