Jet Set Off to the Angel Falls – South America Travel Destinations

Jet Set Off to the Angel Falls – South America Travel Destinations

Kerepakupai Meru, literally meaning ‘waterfall of the deepest place’ in Pemon language, and commonly known as Angel Falls makes for the world’s highest waterfall dropping from a neck breaking height of 979 meters over the Auyantepui mountain into the Kerep River. In course of its fall from the top onto the mountain, much of the water is condensed into mists and carried away by the windy currents. The mountain is confined within the boundaries of the Canaima National Park which also happens to be a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site in the area of Gran Sabana in the Bolivar State of Venezuela.

Though, great stuff doesn’t come easy but to those who believe it! The notion is applicable when it comes to these spectacular waterfalls, as well. Out of hot spot south America travel destinations, the Angel Falls attract many visitors but all those who tick this destination on their must see itinerary, should also be mentally posed about the complicated issue that goes with it. Since the falls are amidst an isolated forest, one can get to the base camp of Canaima by air from either Caracas or Ciudad Bolivar or alternatively opt for an aerial trip. But, then again, just as man is to his will, so is nature and therefore clouds can trick you anytime without a prior notice, hence this is not a completely dependable option.

Alternatively, the option of River trips can also be explored which operate from the months between June and December. The river expedition is done using wodden curiaras traditionally used by the Pemon guides.

Also, interesting the name Angel Falls winds a story back into the time when American aviator Jimmie Angel was flying over the region in pursuit of an ore bed, that little did he know, there was a super scintillating adventure spree waiting for him. Zooming in the skies that he went by, accompanied by wife and other 2 mates, the plane plunged into the swampy ground in Jimmie’s failed attempt to land the plane atop Auyan tepui. Thus, forcing the four on foot which went about for 11 long days! Moral of the Story: Land your plane at a deserted place and you’re name is eternal in the history of geographic locations!

Though, subsequently President Chavez raised objections over the name Angel Falls justifying it to be a breach over the indigenous identity and rather preached the usage of Kerepakupai Meru to restore the originality, brewing on the growing and increasing popularity of the waterfall.