Jim Corbett National Park – The Tiger Camp

Jim Corbett National Park – The Tiger Camp

The only place on earth that almost guarantees you tiger-spotting. The first in India to be declared a National Park, this reserve is named after Jim Corbett the legendary hunter who turned into a conversationalist. The park has changed quite a few names, since its inception. Originally named Hailey National Park, it was renamed as Ramanganga later. Finally it got its name as Jim Corbett National Park and since then has been the most famous National Park in the country.

Kumaon as a region was greatly troubled by man-eating tigers. It was then that a famous hunter came to the rescue and hunted down many of those dreaded creatures. Since then he was revered highly by the villagers. However, Corbett was not only into hunting those glorious creatures down. He worked hard for their conservation too. He brought fame to the region by his book, the Man eaters of Kumaon. It is said that he shot wildlife more with his camera than with his gun. It was Corbett who started a campaign to save the tigers which later led to the marking out of this reserve. This National Park in turn inspired other reserves to take up the tiger cause.

The Jim Corbett National Park is a haven for all those who are even remotely interested in wildlife and wildcat. With the best tiger population, the park is the best place to spot the elusive animals. Even if tourists are lucky enough to spot the tigers, the park has a lot more to offer. Rich grasslands, varied avian populace and diverse creatures make the park an interesting bio hot spot. The park has a picturesque location at the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of river Ramanganga.

The park has equipped itself well to make it visitor-friendly. There are machaans dotted all over the area which allows tourists to climb on them to gain height and get a good view of wildlife. Carrying a binocular is always recommended to catch a good glimpse of the avian population here. A good number of places sell such stuff outside the park limits. The best and safest way to tour the park is to take a guided tour. Guides are experts who know it better as to where you have more chances of spotting tiger and other wildlife. They also have a better knowledge of tracks and can keep you from getting lost in the wilds. Some part of the Jim Corbett National Park can be toured on foot too. It is however risky and a guide is again recommended. Elephant and Jeep safaris are available to the tourists who come here. Visitors are again advised to check out before hand for the availability of vehicles for safaris as the park authorities allow only a fixed number of vehicles per day in order to keep a check on the noise and pollution levels in the park. Elephant safaris are good to get closer look of the wild creatures. Since vehicles make noise and scare the animals away, elephants are a better option to get a closer look.

Tourists to the Jim Corbett National Park wouldn’t find it difficult to get accommodation here as there are quite a few good hotels and resorts around. Though there aren’t many food outlets inside the Park, the hotels and resorts inside provide good options. Do check out the accessibility of the park before planning a trip here. The park is closed for some months from June to November.