Jonas Brothers World Tour

The Jonas Brothers grew up in a musical family in a small town called Wyckoff, New Jersey. It was but natural for the family to sing songs together and as the brothers grew up, they began writing songs and playing instruments together. The three brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick were born a few years apart and all of them are equally talented. However, it was Nick who initially caught the attention of a recording company.

The story goes like this. Denise Jonas, the Jonas’ mom, took Nick along to a salon as she was getting a hair cut. The young Nick sang and a lady who overheard him referred him to a record company. Nick recorded a solo CD initially, but then the manager heard that Nick had brothers who were equally talented. The three brothers sang “Please be Mine” together and managed to impress the manager a great deal. Realizing the opportunity in casting them together as a brother band, the Jonas Brothers was formed.

The first album of Jonas Brothers was called “It’s About Time.” It was released in August 2006 with a lot of publicity and fanfare. In spite of the promotions, the album reached only #91 on the Billboards. However, Mandy, a song written by the brothers about a friend whom Denise Jonas taught sign language so she could pursue a career helping the hearing impaired, was well received. The music video even got to the #3 spot on MTV.

In April, the brothers officially announced the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010. The tour will feature the three brothers, their special guest Demi Levato as well as their co-stars and friends from Camp Rock films. The tour will feature songs from Camp Rock as well as some original songs by the Jonas Brothers.

There were some speculations that the Jonas Brothers are going to break up soon. But if the tour announcement is any indication, they are not likely to part ways any time soon. The trio is all set for an extensive trek across three continents this summer. North America, Latin America and Europe will be covered from summer through fall.

Nick Jonas says that the tour is going to be unlike anything they have done before. So fans have good reason to book the Jonas Brothers World Tour tickets as early as possible. The band is clearly focusing on their music as they explain to the fans that they are not worrying about rumors. The rumors of break up started as Nick Jonas released his solo album “Who I Am” in February. Nick says that they have grown closer as brothers and the rumors have made them stronger. However, you never know with these things. Split ups are just part of the normal landscape as far as the music scene is concerned. What is confirmed though is that the three brothers will appear together for the World Tour. This is another reason for fans to grab the Jonas Brothers World Tour tickets as soon as they become available without waiting till the last minute.

Fans who catch the brothers on tour will hear the group’s hit songs and those from Camp Rock films. Approach a reliable ticket broker to get confirmed Jonas brothers World Tour tickets.