Learning Experiences To Be Found In The Mexico City Metro

Learning Experiences To Be Found In The Mexico City Metro

When you think of a city’s rail system, you usually think of a form of transportation. While the Mexico City Metro can get you to most of the tourist attractions in the city they can also be a learning attraction themselves. Several of the stations can give you a lot of information and some of that information can be very cool to know. Here are some of the Metro stations to visit when you are traveling to the city for a learning experience.

La Raza (Lines 3 and 5)

The La Raza station is one of those very cool Mexico City Metro stations which can give you a lot to learn in a visual fashion. A lot of people who travel to the city by bus will get to this station when heading to the city center. Here you will find the science hall which gives you information on plants, animals, food sources, climate and space. The space section is an area with dimmed lights and when you look up you can see the many constellations you would see on a clear night. The information is all in Spanish, but even if you do not speak the language it is worth visiting. The hall is between the two metro lines at the station.

Bellas Artes (Lines 2 and 8)

The Bellas Artes Metro station is one of the most visited in the city as it gives you access to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Torre Latino Americana, China Town and Alameda Central. The great thing about this station is that it is almost a museum in itself. The platforms for the line two train feature reproductions of art from the Mesoamerica era. If you are taking the 8 train then you will be able to admire colorful murals that feature both French and Mexican motifs.

Pasaje Zocalo – Pino Suarez (Lines 1 and 2)

Though most people will take the metro from Pino Suarez to Zocalo it is also possible to walk it underground and if you like books you should do so. Between the two stations you will find the pasaje de los libros. It is a permanent “book fair” of sorts where you can buy any type of book you may be looking for. You can find books in English so this is the spot to go for if you need something to read in your own language, but keep in mind that you will have to look for them. Also at the metro station in Pino Suarez you will find an authentic small archeological discovery which is a small platform discovered when the metro system was being constructed.


Murals can be found in a lot of stations throughout the Mexico City Metro system including at Coyoacan, Bellas Artes, Tacubaya, Insurgentes, TaxqueƱa, and Universidad. It is a good idea to keep your eyes open as there are a lot of people who miss them. There is a lot of culture in the metro so taking it is an experience that you should treat yourself to.