New Orleans, USA

There are many cities in the world where you can stay for a fantastic holiday. Of these you will find the city of New Orleans in the USA to be a most fascinating place. This city which is both modern and old in culture is a place where you will find life is lived to the fullest and enjoyed to the maximum. You can find the city of New Orleans in south eastern Louisiana. The city can be found spanning both sides of the Mississippi River. You will find that Lake Pontchartrain is considered to be part of the city. This lake can be found located to the north of New Orleans while in the east you will find Lake Borgne.

The history of New Orleans is both vibrant and rich. You will find a rich multi-culture thriving in all areas of the city. In addition this eclectic mix of lifestyles you will find that New Orleans is well known for its fabulous and spicy cuisine, lively music and most importantly as the birthplace of Jazz music. Visitors to this fantastic city will find a wealth of interesting places to visit and many fun activities to engage their interests.

Of special interest are the numerous festivals which bring the city of New Orleans to life in a way that few other cities in the world can rival. The most famous festivals that you will find happening in New Orleans are the Mardi Gras festival and the Jazz Fest. Other smaller festivals that you can catch will include the Creole Festival, Saint Patrick’s Day, and the French Quarter Festival. It is a well known fact that any occasion can mean a festival so your chances of being able to see or participate in a festival should be high no matter what time of year you visit New Orleans.

While the Mardi Gras is one of the popular attractions that you will hear of in New Orleans there is another side to this city which lures visitors almost as much. This is the world of black magic in the form of Voodoo. You will find that you can find a number of places where you can have your fortunes told as well as learn about this ancient and exotic branch of magic. The Alombrados Encampment is a good place to visit if you are desirous of learning about Magick. Here you will also have the opportunity of attending a Gnostic Mass.

Another great venue where you will find it possible to learn about Voodoo is that of the Island of Salvation Botanica. Here you will find that Voodoo goods can be easily found and bought. You may even get the change of seeing some Voodoo ceremonies being performed on the island. If the world of Voodoo is not your cup of tea then you may wish to visit the French Quarter of New Orleans. Here you will find there are a number of interesting places that you can visit. These will include places like the Cafe du Monde which is famous for its Cafe au Lait, Preservation Hill, the St. Louis Cathedral, Bourbon Street to name but a few intriguing places of interest.

Other places that you may wish to visit while you are in New Orleans are that of Honey Island Swamp, the Aquarium of the Americas, the National World War II Museum and many others. As you see there are plenty of places to see and activities to take part in when you come to this great city in Louisiana. The magic of New Orleans is one that is sure to lure you back to this city time and time again for many a memorable vacation that will live on in your memories long after you have returned home.