Reincarnation – Creating a Home Or Going Home?

Reincarnation – Creating a Home Or Going Home?

Alex invited me on a road trip to see some property of his in another state which he wanted to convert into a ranch upon his retirement. Along the journey, he related the following story which oozes reincarnation overtones.

In earlier days when he was looking for land to purchase as a retirement ranch, he literally made dozens of scouting trips throughout the Western United States to California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming. Though he had been looking for years, he was unsuccessful. Then once during a family vacation through Utah, and growing weary from the long trip, he and his family were looking for a place to stop and rest. His girls spotted a nice location off to the side of the highway and said, “Dad, that looks like a nice place to rest.” They subsequently turned off the highway and drove down into a valley which the family had never seen before. It was a fascinating place to them and they began to investigate the area. Interestingly, as destiny would have it, Alex found a forty acre parcel of land that he thought would be perfect for his retirement ranch. It even had an old log cabin on it. After falling in love with the property, he bought it right then and there.

After the purchase, Alex informed his mother that he had finally found his dreamland. Upon telling her where the land was, she commented that his great, great grandfather was one of an original group of pioneers who, making the rugged trek across the open wilderness in covered wagons from the East in the mid-1800s, settled in that exact valley!

Coincidence? You make the call. Was it a random happening that a man, after exploring seven Western states searching for a retirement homeland for years, traveled through a valley he had never seen, a valley his great, great, grandfather helped settle a hundred years earlier, and then ended up buying property there? Or is it an account of a man coming home, a man unconsciously in search of his past, his roots; a man reincarnated as the great, great grandson of his great, great grandfather, in essence a soul reincarnated as itself in another time coming home to his original home in the West?

Alex, by his own admission, had never been in that valley before in his entire life. He had never even heard of it. He had never even seen it. Yet, by some mysterious force, he was compelled while on a family vacation to not only turn off the highway for a respite there, but to actually purchase land there!

Indeed, how does all this happen? When one thinks of all the land in the West and its millions of square miles, how does a man come to buy a piece of land, unbeknownst to him, in the exact same valley in which his great, great grandfather settled a hundred plus years before? Is this coincidence? Or is Alex truly the reincarnation of his great, great grandfather going home to claim his rightful place as owner of the property he originally settled?


The reality of Alex buying property in a valley he had never seen, the same valley his own kin settled when the West was young, and not knowing anything about such events, certainly has to lift an eyebrow to a reflective mind. In fact, Alex does not discount the probability that he may well have been his own great, great grandfather. Thus, was Alex creating a home for his retirement or was he, in fact, coming home to the land he once upon a time helped settle? Is this an actual example of reincarnation or nothing more than a mere coincidence? You make the call.

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