Sudan Festival of Holiya 2010

The anniversary of the death of the saint is celebrated in this event. This provides a perfect venue for gathering of different people belonging to different places and different social status. These events are generally celebrations for the Sheikhs and saints. The Sudan contains a multitude of Sufi movements, with diverse origins and characteristics and this festival is one of them. People frequently take flights to Sudan as it has now recognized as the center of great festivities. Some groups formed in the fifteenth century by Sufi masters originating in Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt come to attend these celebrations. The sheikhs of the Sudan play an essential role in their religious communities by devising and listening, blessing, reassuring, and giving direction to the people. Sheikh is considered as a teacher and people follow him.

Holiya festival is popular among men they take cheap flights to Sudan with cheap flights to sudan and gather beneath the Burhani banner during the long night of Holiya to begin the ritual of hadra. This Sufi fare is also known as dhikr and continues from midnight until dawn. It is a common belief that it purifies the hearts of disciples and to bring them to a subtle and refined state of ecstasy. Women do not directly participate in these celebrations but they also take Sudan flights to be absorbed by the haunting melodies sung by the munshidin. This festival is started by the parade and the delegates from other Sufi orders from all regions of Sudan. These delegations move with joyous steps, in contrast to the seriousness of the sheikh, who welcomes each group with a prayer of greeting.

The event is divided into three sections; the first section is the anniversary of the death of a saint is celebrated. Cheap Sudan flights taker visitors of all types as well as executives from the Sudanese professional elite, farmers from the countryside, city merchants, women and children, all unite with the communal rituals to attend this opening ceremony of the Sufi fare. In the second section is reportage on 1250 Qur’anic school students of age 6 to18 years. These children follow a very traditional teaching and lifestyle. Here man unite and ecstatic dance and repetition of the name of God, to the rhythm of songs that are performed throughout the night by the country’s finest singers. Visitors both Muslims and those belonging to other religions taking cheap flights to Sudan enjoy these activities of pleasing God. The third and final section brings together portraits of Sudanese Sufi spiritual masters that end the event.