Taj Mahal Tour With Kerala Sightseeing

Taj Mahal Tour With Kerala Sightseeing

One of the most beautiful creations in architecture is undoubtedly the Taj Mahal which has been a source of inspiration and a subject of awe for thousands of art lovers from around the globe standing for more than three centuries. No amount of praise is enough for this marvelous creation which is a symbol of eternal love between the two lovers even after their death. If someone is looking for Taj tours & south India, Taj Mahal Tour with Kerala Sightseeing is something worth considering.

This piece of architectural wonder was built in Agra, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The colossal structure is located on the banks of the river Yamuna. The Taj Mahal was built by the emperor Shahjahan in loving memory of his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal. The emperor and his wife loved each other so much that they never wanted to stay away from each other; she would even accompany Shahjahan when he went for wars. Mumtaz Mahal, who had given birth to about fourteen children, had to face death during childbirth at Burhanpur when she was only 39 years of age. The king was devastated after this tragic incident and no matter how much he tried he could not forget his wife and then he decided to build a beautiful and splendorous monument in the remembrance of his beautiful wife.

He wanted to build a huge monument which would be made up entirely of marble to be the only one of its type in the world. The construction of this building began in 1633. It took 20,000 workers and 17 years to finish this monument. Beautiful calligraphy has been done on the marbles and various designs have been carved into the stones by skilled craftsmen. It is impossible to describe all the beautiful and intricate work done here.

You have to see it with your own eyes in order to admire this piece of architectural wonder. People from around the world visit this site throughout the year and experience the everlasting love that Shahjahan had for his wife. Come for yourself and visit this monument for the experience of a lifetime.

Talking about this monumental structure it would be only right to mention here about a state which is as beautiful. The Taj Mahal tour with Kerala sightseeing package can enable you to experience both of these scintillating tourist destinations. Kerala is one of the most fascinating states of India being gifted by nature with scenic natural beauty is a tourist destination unmatched by any other in the world.

Blessed with wildlife parks and sanctuaries, attractive landscapes, tea trees and sunny beaches Kerala is a perfect getaway from this busy lifestyle. Each year this state is visited by swarms of travelers and tourists from around the globe. When on a tour to this state the tourists can explore and enjoy the charisma and beauty of the picturesque hill stations of Wayanad, Ponmudi, Vagamon, Devikulam, Idduki and Munnar. Endowed with rich flora and fauna and extraordinary charm and beauty these hill stations always live up to the expectations of the curious and adventurous traveler. With its captivating tourism attractions and locations Kerala is also called the Kashmir of the South.

In addition to the hill stations many other attractions such as the bird sanctuaries, wildlife parks, and temples dedicated to gods and goddesses, scenic backwaters and the rich tradition and culture make Kerala a destination of almost all the seasons. Come and have a time of peace and quite in this beautiful state and take back home wonderful memories.