The Most Popular Las Vegas Shows in 2011

The Most Popular Las Vegas Shows in 2011

A trip to Las Vegas is not complete, unless you see some of the most popular shows that Vegas has to offer. You can see everything from magic shows, ventriloquism shows, musical entertainment and circus type shows. Each of these categories have performances that are noteworthy.


Terry Fator is a headliner, in Las Vegas. He won the hearts of his many fans, when he won season two of America’s got talent. He also has the talent for impersonation. Fator brings to life numerous characters including Winston, the impersonating turtle, Emma Taylor and Berry Fabulous, a happy character. Part of his show includes comedic banter and spoofs of musical superstars Cher, Guns N’ Roses and Garth Brooks. He also continually develops new characters to keep his show fresh. So if you are looking for a little of everything, this is the show. He impersonates, sings and does comedy.


Penn and Teller have become one of the most successful magic shows of all time. They like to bring audience members on stage. So you have the chance to become a star for a night. They constantly reinvent themselves to keep their act fresh. From one night to the next you are very likely to see something different. They also incorporate comedy in their show to keep you laughing. So head to the showroom and be prepared to leave in awe.


The Cirque du Soleil production is absolutely phenomenal. You will be enjoying a street performance and then switch to an opera performance. Acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers and characters perform in, on, and above water to create an unforgettable show. The water acts take place in a 25 foot deep pool that contains 1.5 million gallons of water. It can be moved with hydraulics allowing the acrobatics, dancers and other acts to perform on a more solid stage. The colors and outfits are very pleasing to the eye.

Musical Entertainment

Celine Dion tickets are hard to come by. She is constantly selling out due to the excellence and quality in her performance. She aims to capture your heart with her stunning voice. the new show includes Celine’s biggest hits mixed with timeless classics. The show also manages to pay tribute to the most celebrated songs and artists of all times. The show goes on with a full orchestra and band. You will be missing a top of the line show if you don’t head out to the Colosseum and get your tickets. The reviews the show has been getting are spectacular.

So when you go to Las Vegas, there will be something for you to do every night. You do not have to be a gambler. No matter what type of show you like Las Vegas will have it. There is nothing like Las Vegas productions.