The Origins of the Kadayawan Pageant

The Origins of the Kadayawan Pageant

The Philippines is a state that values its heritage. As lots of traditions have molded its people’s tradition and points of check out, Filipinos are still dwelling on aged customs and are nonetheless evident in their life now. Among these adopted traditions are the festivals in honor of the higher beings outdated-age Filipinos believed to be the givers of their fortune. As a state that overflows with quite a few celebrations, who could forget Davao’s Kadayawan Festival?

Dubbed as a single of the country’s most impressive festivals, the Kadayawan Pageant is celebrated in the course of the whole thirty day period of August in time for the harvest of Davao’s prized fruits. With grand parades, cultural plans and reveals and different sporting situations, this month extensive function is an absolute sight to see.


The initially Kadayawan Festival can be recorded back in the 70s when former mayor Elias Lopez initiated different festivals that showcased Mindanao’s tribes exclusively the Lumads and the Muslim community. Most of these festivals showcased the tribal dances and rituals of the explained natives.

Originally, the tradition of the Kadayawan Pageant was derived from the rituals of the historic tribes of Davao that resided on the foot of Mt. Apo. The reason of the ritual was to thank their superior being for the bountiful harvest. For the reason that of this, they offer their initial harvest with dance rituals in thanksgiving specifically to their god “Manama”.

It was in the 80s where the competition was accredited does earning it an once-a-year celebration for Davao City’s tradition and historical past. It was then named as “Apo Duwaling”, wherever words and phrases had been derived from Davao’s organic icons, the Mt. Apo, Durian and the Waling-Waling orchid. The celebration was initiated in time soon after the Martial Law where by Davao’s governing administration was on the lookout for approaches to showcase the town as a peaceful and progressing metropolis. Last but not least in 1988, the competition was renamed as “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” in 1988 by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and remained that way ever since.

Kadayawan Festival Today

Each calendar year, Davao prepares for a grand celebration that will involve parades also known as the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan, bazaars, fairs and cultural activities. Several travelers, media men and skilled photographers head to Davao all through August to witness an celebration as these kinds of.

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