The Secret World Funeral Crasher Mission Walkthrough

The Secret World Funeral Crasher Mission Walkthrough

Today we are looking at another mission that was included in the latest 1.1 patch for The Secret World. This one is called ‘The Funeral Crasher’ and it is fun but can be a little tricky.

Before we begin bear in mind that there will be spoilers so if you don’t want spoilers make sure you don’t carry on reading.

If you are ready for some help we will begin…

You grab this mission from Blue Mountain by finding Eleanor Franklin who is located at 850,290. The mission will give you 4 tokens and 23,330 Pax Romana.

The first thing you need to do is find and use the Ouija Board which you will find right on the top floor at the back of the room on the right. For the next part remember to have a pen and paper handy as the Ouija board will spell out a message for you.

If you have written it down correctly you should have a message that says:

“It Rages Locked Inside 23382IY”

Next up you need to find the location mentioned by the board and if you remember when the mission started in the cut scene you will have heard Eleanor talk about a commotion that she heard up the road.

You just need to head for the intersection to the right of the map.

Once you get there you will see a van in a ditch at 760,450 and you will need to investigate.

Once you get closer to the van you will notice the license plate which is “23382IY”.

If you click the license plate nothing will happen so you need to look for clues. You will find 2 Orochi tablets here, one is on the right side of the van and one is in front of the van.

If you examine both of these tablets you will get a message, and the second one will send you to a website. You will get some info about the “Manifestations Communicate” and you need to click on the blank document in the game after you have read this.

After you have done this the headlights will start to flash on the van. It is actually Morse code!

It translates to “Death Walks The Lady’s Path” – if you look on your map you will find Johanna’s Trail and that is where you need to go next.

When you walk down this path you will see a dead body. You will also need to hug an Ak’rab and it will kill you! But this is meant to happen! Once you are in spirit form go back to the body and click on it.

After using the corpse it will float off and you need to follow it.

It will take you to more ghosts.

Once you get to the puzzle part you need to click “Condition 4”.

The main rule of thumb to solve this puzzle is to listen to the spirits and then click each one in reverse order to play the message back.

Once you have done this you will have completed The Secret World ‘The Funeral Crasher’ Mission!

Well done!