Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Carlow

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Carlow

The English meaning of Carlow translates to ‘Four lakes’ and it is indeed a mystery as to how the town came to be associated with the four lakes that have never existed! Anyways, the town nevertheless manages to exhibit itself as one of the most beautiful Irish cities replete with ancient monuments and a number of natural heritage sites. Each of these elements completes the circle of an Irish country tour.

There are a number of tourist attractions that guests could visit, while on tours to this part of the country. Carlow accommodation options facilitate guests to comfortably embark on tours across the city. The top 10 tourist attractions in Carlow have been mentioned below for your perusal.

Altamont Gardens – An exceptional destination for all nature lovers, the Altamont Gardens, offer to the visitors a breath of fresh air just to begin with. Yes, replete with lush greenery on all sides, this garden is excellent for people wanting to go on long walks amidst nature. Daffodils, ferns, bluebells, beech trees, rare varieties of shrubs, and manmade lakes… the list of flower and plant trees available here is endless.

Carlow Castle – An early 12th century architectural wonder, the Carlow Castle is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city. Built by William Marshall, most parts of the ancient structure are no longer present except for the two towers and the western wall.

Carlow Museum – A wonderful place to relive the aura of the 19th and 20th century Carlow is the Carlow museum. Housing numerous art pieces depicting the ways of life of the people of those times, the Carlow museum is a place for all the members of your family!

Bird Watching trips – The Barrow Track remains full throughout the year especially by ornithologists and bird lovers. Some of the rare bird species that can be seen here include yellowhammers, pied wagtails, minks and even greenfinches.

Clonmore heritage tour – This sixth century heritage center offers one a great insight into the ancient history of Carlow. An ancient castle, a monastic settlement, and also an equally old moat – all these and many more surprises wait to be unfold here.

Barrow River – Besides adding beauty to the Carlow environs, the Barrow River is also a destination that is most fondly frequented by anglers. A walk on its shores is also a very good idea for the ones wanting a break from the mundane city life….

Browne’s Hill Dolmen – A monument of national importance, the Dolmen dates back to as many as 4000 years. An ancient place of burial, the monument still attracts thousands of guests every year.

Old Lighlin Cathedral – This archaeological site is located in old Leighlin which already housed an ancient monastic settlement. Fortified ruins of a medieval church still stand tall in the area and its most imposing features being the Gothic doorway, the stalls, and even the choir.

Killeshin Church – A serene ambiance of great religious importance, great scenery surrounding it all over, and an ancient village in the near vicinity, the killeshin Church is all about these and lots more. Be a guest in any of the Carlow bed and breakfast options available in the city and explore all the facets of this place……

Carlow Courthouse – This courthouse was designed by William Morrison around the early part of the 18th century. Built of Carlow granite, the structure contains cells and dungeons as well.