Try a Fly Drive Holiday to America This Year

Try a Fly Drive Holiday to America This Year

Explore the delights of America & Canada on a fly drive holiday, experience the ever changing scenery of Pacific Highway 1, the culture of New England, experience the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon or enjoy Americas sunshine state on a Florida Fly Drive holiday, the destinations for your fly drive holiday are endless and the flexibility its appeal.

Book yourself return flights, hire yourself a car and buy a map or plan a little more and have a route and itinerary to follow. I can’t recommend it highly enough, the kids love the ever changing scenery and are captured by a new holiday destination every 2 or 3 days and as adults the every changing landscape and variety is surprisingly restful.

A Fly Drive holiday can be designed with a planned route, secure in the knowledge that your next hotel is expecting you, or you can plan your America fly drive holiday as you go along. Alternately experience the freedom of the open road and plan your America fly drive holiday in a Motor home. Nowhere is more suited to a fly drive holiday than North America or Canada with its wide open roads and diverse landscapes.

Try to keep a good handle on how large America and Canada are, Google maps is a good tool to use if you want to know how far San Francisco and Los Angeles are from one another for example; incidentally they are almost 500 miles apart and would take almost 10 hours to drive from one to another continuously but as this is a holiday, I wouldn’t recommend you do the trip in less that 3 days as there’s so much to see and if you have the time you can easily spend 2 weeks on such a trip. To give you an idea this is an itinerary I regularly create for folks;

California Pacific Coast Fly Drive Holiday:
A stunning, breathtaking, drive down America’s infamous” Pacific Highway 1″ taking in the rocky cliffs between San Francisco and Monterey, stopping at the enchanting town of Carmel and leisurely driving down the Big Sur coast line towards San Simeon and Santa Barbara before arriving in Los Angeles, the movie capital of the World.

I love creating holidays for customer – maybe you want to explore the West Coast of America or feel that there must be something more to Florida than just Disneyland and your right, there is!! And the National Parks across America are a must see, The Class West Fly Drive is just a sample, the diversity is vast so I suggest you get out a map and remembering how vast the USA is make a plan on where you’d like to visit.

Classic West Fly Drive Holiday
Is a great taster of what California has to offer and a perfect trip for the family. Shopping in San Francisco, the lush green forest and mirror lake of Yosemite NP, stunning red rock and arid dessert of Death Valley, the awe inspiring Grand Canyon, the excitement of Las Vegas and the magic of Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world. For more information read

Grand Canyon Fly Drive Holiday
Our most popular fly drive taking in 3 States, fly into Nevada, spend your first night in Las Vegas, journey into Arizona and experience the awe inspiring Grand Canyon onto Lake Powell the second largest reservoir in America, into Utah and Monument Valley the most majestic point on earth, enjoy the tranquility of Capitol Reef before experiencing the diversity of Bryce Canyon and the towering cliffs of Zion before heading back to Las Vegas.

These are just suggestions of what there is to see in America and how interesting it can be. This is a link to more information if you’re interested: