Wizard 101 – Sunken City Walkthrough

Wizard 101 – Sunken City Walkthrough

Sunken City (the quest for proof of Grubb’s existence) is the first really challenging dungeon in Wizard 101, and the toughest in Wizard City by far. Even if you soloed your way through Krokotopia, it is unlikely that you can solo Sunken City.

First, know that sidewalks are not safe, and that the mobs (bad guys) have a wide aggro range…in other words, they can pull you from a longer distance than you are used to. In fact, you will likely be pulled into combat as soon as you try to make your way to Marla. You will always pull one more than the number of your group when fighting mobs, and they have higher health than is normal for Wizard City (around 500 average for normal mobs). The GOOD news is that once they are down, they do not respawn until the dungeon is reset, so you can actually clear the areas of bad guys.

The first part of the quest will take you to a tower with 3 death-school mobs. Be sure to read the tome inside the tower.

Next, you will face Paulson and 2 other mobs. He has 800 hit points, and is highly death resistant. Defeating him will give you a scroll.

Then you will go to Norton’s Tower. This is like the golem tower…5 levels. The first level has 3 elites (500 hp, myth). The second has one death and one myth elite. The third floor has 2 death elites, and the fourth has 1 death elite, and 1 fire elite with 675 hit points. On the fifth floor is Norton, who is balance, with two myth elites.

That gives you the key to Grubb’s castle. Grubb has 1000 hit points, and is highly death resistant. He has two fire elites with 675 hit points each.

Here are some tips:

Plan your time. It will take you longer than 30 minutes, without a doubt.

Split up and move carefully. Have one player who can solo the street mobs be the one to navigate, while others stay somewhere “safe”. Not everyone has to talk to Marla…if any member of the group does, all players see the conversation and get credit for it. The mobs move in a path up and down the street in a circuit. Get on the side of the street where the mobs are moving toward where you want to be (like a tower), and, while staying on the sidewalk, walk right behind a mobs with the biggest gap behind it. Keep pace with the mob, but stay behind it. When you get to a spot where you can move off of the sidewalk safely (like the yard around a tower), have your friends teleport to you.

Remember, it’s a dungeon. Players can leave to refill potion bottles and teleport back…just leave one player in the dungeon at all times to teleport to.

On the tower battle, save a potion for the top floor. Try to end each fight with as close to full health as possible. Before finishing the last mob on each level, let everyone cast a healing spell, then take it down.

Sunken City was a refreshing challenge from the rest of the game which up to that point had been a pushover. Hopefully, with a little patience you can earn your Sunken City Survivor badge, and clear that annoying quest out of your log.